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      CRAIG TRAPP   

Hello All!

We have experienced incredible, dynamic weather this winter season. The waves of storms moving through coastal California since late last year have kept the surrounding hills vibrant green, creeks and waterfalls full, and inspired me to paint a series of Springscapes. As my work is spontaneous and expressionistic, the paintings are not “of” any particular place, although some remind me of places I have visited. These paintings highlight nature’s reengagement after the darker, shorter days of winter, and its manifest creativity in the cycle of life. Springscapes celebrate this reawakening with color, highlights, and shadows in glorious harmony; taking the viewer on an expressionist tour of coastal California. I hope you enjoy them.

Paint with Purpose, Passion, and Joy!




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Abstract Sketches 2304,5,6, triptych. 20x10x1.5 acrylic on paper, on panel, $275.

From the Hearts & Pears Collection
Beautiful Triptych for your Home


Pears # 2329, 30,31

triptych. 20x10x1.5 acrylic on paper, on panel, $275.

Hearts & Pears

Dream Inspired